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After Afghanistan's reconstruction began again in 2001, thousands of Afghan people have turned to free trade in the private and other trading sectors. Still, more interest from traders and industrialists in the construction sector in Afghanistan has been more significant. Because everything was changing, and people had turned to Kabul because of its good security. The construction work of residential and commercial buildings was increasing day by day; the needs of this city's people were more outstanding than their modern apartments and dream houses.

But there were many problems in the construction sector in this way. We, who had also invested in this sector and worked in it, realized several years later that there were technical and professional problems in the construction sector where others were working.

Our young people hoped for a better future and a free life, more young men and women were interested in higher education. More than a thousand young people graduated from these fields in engineering and needed work courses. Practices had a job. Therefore, we decided to establish a professional engineering and construction company with a young and specialized team of Afghan male and female engineers under a great name to provide more work for our compatriots in all construction sectors.

We founded Afghan House Noorin Engineering and Construction Company in march 2010. Since 2010, Afghan House has carried out significant activities in the following areas, which has achieved an unparalleled reputation inside and outside of Afghanistan. The purpose of creating the Afghan House was to bring about a fundamental change and standardization in the design of residential and commercial buildings. Fortunately, It has achieved its success in the shortest possible time in this way. Afghan House has also been a member of the Afghanistan International Chambers of Commerce.

Our achievements are as follows:

- Attract more female engineers and encourage and cooperate with them.

- Encourage investors to build standard buildings in Kabul and other provinces.

- Establish a first online real estate system in the country.

- Making an independent Afghan House mobile application by the Afghan House technical team.

- Free advice for investors due to standardization in all construction sectors in the country.

- Serious cooperation with engineers who were just graduating from universities.

-Internet marketing for the first time by Afghan House in Afghanistan

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